Addresses tracked
of transactions/addresses classified
of Social media posts analyzed
Monitoring to ensure maximum protection

Demystify's Threat Intel snap protects MetaMask users from fraud, scam, and other types of attacks same way as antivirus software protects your computer

Learn about who you are sending your money to

Find out the date of first transaction, past activity, and current balance.

Understand the overall risk level

Make a fully informed decision when transacting on web3. We analyze thousands of datapoints and provide you with the easy to read and accurate real-time risk assessment

See social media reports

We scan millions of web2 media sources to see if your recipient was ever involved into fraud, scam, or phishing activities

Know where the money is coming from

We trace all income and expenditure transactions back to their origin and find out whether any illicit funds are involved

Detailed threat intel

We explain the factors contributed to risk score and provide you with the proof – which sanctioned or malicious addresses your Recipient is related to, where illicit funds came from and more